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 Bread Oven: Part 1 Assembling the components.

One of my little projects at our new house has been to build a bread oven. Whenever we go to ♉   Greece I am envious of the ones I see in people's gardens and its even worse when we pass a builder's yard as they all seem to have pre-formed refractory domes lying around ready for sale. Decided that taking one as hand luggage would probably not be a good idea, though I did bring a big bread paddle that way the other year.

I suppose that with our climate, its hardly surprising that such things are not as readily available in your average UK builder's yard. On-line is different though with a choice of options, and prices. Decided that I would do a much better job if I bought something pre-formed and opted for a ♉Milan 750 kit from Pizza Oven Suppies.

These pages are an account of its purchase, construction and hopefully use.

17 May 2018

Arranged by phone with Sam that I would come to ♉Pizza Oven Suppies in Stoke-on-Trent to pick up my oven components.
  There I met Nick who showed me round and explained the ♉manufacturing process.

  Re-cycled refractory material which will be crushed to a 5mm powder.

  A pile of ceramic pins which will be incorporated into the oven mix to give strength and heat storage.

  Base casting.

  Dome casting.


  Oven kits ready to go out.


  Loaded into the trailer and ready to go.

18 May 2018

I managed to carry all the components of the oven down to the terrace where it will be assembled except for the hemispherical back which weighing in around 70kg was beyond my feeble powers so guile and cunning were needed to get that safely down. Not only is it heavy, it is also almost impossible to get hold of as its centre of gravity is well towards the back where the lifting is most difficult. Decided that it needed a handle so used a large G clamp with blocks of wood under it to spread the load. no intention of lifting it with this but just using it to move it about. Thought for one horrid moment that it wouldn't fit down the steps either but found that it did, just, but only on its side.

  Moved to the top of the steps by sack truck.

  Resting on bricks to give space for my fingers.

  Only had a motley collection of shiplap planks for it to slide down so compromised by using several.

  Bit of maneuvering and it is at the top of the slide.

  Sitting nicely on a sheet to help spread the load and reduce friction.

breadoven/141647.jpg breadoven/141907.jpg
  Down it comes.


  Ready with a landing zone and then down the last step.

  Just the right orientation for the sack truck and the last few metres.


  All the bits piled together ready for the next stage.

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