A series of files of things seen and to be seen on and around the canals.

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These .pdf files are of things that can be seen on and around the canals. I put them together as a bit of fun for Oscar and Eve on their first canal boating holiday.

I decided that I would prefer to have photographs that ordinary canal users had taken with simple cameras or phones as I wanted the images to be of things that one could realistically expect to see looking like they do in the field. I'm hoping that visitors will add their own photographs of things they have seen too.

I would be very pleased to include your pics if you email them to me at I will of course attribute them to you.

I have used the pdf format because I cannot get html to render properly on the printer.

Please note that what happens when you click on one of the links above will depend on your web browser and how you have set it up. Some will open the pdf as a new page, others save it in your download folder. You will just have to look for it the way you for other downloaded files.

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