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Visitor Contributions

This is your chance to add your favourite recipes and/or tales. Please e-mail me with your copy and I will add it to this section.

Fantastic! I have had my first contribution!!!

Thanks to Eda for this.

Eda tells me that when her Albanian father visited Britain for the first time, he was astonished to see the Brits struggling to separate the bones from the meat of fish and chicken using knives and forks and not their fingers. [American visitors are still just as bemused when they see us eating pizzas].

He asked her to translate some good Albanian advice for our benefit, it is this:

"Gruaja, pula dhe mishi kapen me dore."
"Fish, chicken and your woman, you should get hold of them with your hands!"

Since buying Catslide, I've been cooking more of what I call 'midweek meals' these are meant to be interesting but not too substantial. So I've been casting round for ideas to add variety. So I've stolen two recipes from Margaret and Terry's cookbook, so thanks to them for these.
LaVraie Quiche Lorraine
AND there is still some debate about this one. BUT as Margaret included it, ascribed to me, in her cookbook i have to include it as it is this recipe that started me off on the cookbook and ultimately, this website.
Beef Stroganoff


Jordi gave me this recipe for FeijaoThis is a Brazilian staple being a stew of meat and beans. Its tasty and substantial, just what I like.