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Partner actions

Actions required of partners

Partner Approval
Qualification Approval
Issue of Service Level Agreement
Trainee Enrolment
Trainee Completion
Integration with College quality systems

Operational Delivery Manual

Operational Delivery Manual HOME
The process
Individual trainee file
The Register System
Achievement and Qualification Process
Delivering the apprentice framework
Quality Assurance
Contract Monitoring
Sample forms and record sheets


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NCFE actions

Actions required of the collaborative team

Partner Approval
Qualification Approval
Issue of Service Level Agreement
Trainee Enrolment
Trainee Completion
Integration with College quality systems


The Skills Funding Agency publication Apprenticeship 2010/2011 funding requirementsdocument contains a list of Acronyms and Glossary of Terms [Page 87] and a section of Definitions and Terms [Page 90].

The section that follows quotes some of these items directly, adds others which pertain to procedures at NCFE   or other contexts. Their source being colour coded as in this sentence.

ALN       Additional learning needs
ALS       Additional learning support
APEL    Accreditation of prior experience and learning
ASN      Additional social needs
CAP      Course Approvals Process
CIPS     Centre for Innovation and Partnership
CIS        Course Information Sheet
CMR     Course Mnemonic Request
CMST   Campus Management Service Team
CQSA   Curriculum Quality and Student Achievement
CRED   Course review, evaluation and development
BIS        Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
BSA      Basic Skills Agency
DCSF   Department for Children, Schools and Families
DEL       Distributed and electronic learning
ECERB Education Contracts and Employer Responsive Board
ELS       Exceptional learning support
EMA      Educational Maintenance Allowance.
ESF       European Social Fund
ESOL    English for speakers of other languages
EU         European Union.
FE         Further Education
FENTO The Further Education National Training Organisation
GCSE   General Certificate of Secondary Education
Glh         guided learning hours
IAG        Information, advice and guidance
ILP         Individual Learning Plan
ILR         Individualised learner record
JSA       Jobseeker's Allowance
LA          Local authority
LAD       Learning Aim Database
LAAMS    Learner Achievement Accreditation Systems
LIS         Learner Information Suite
LLDD    Learners with learning difficulties and disabilities
LSC       Learning and Skills Council
LSR       Learning System review
MIS        Management information System
MTG       Minimum Target Grade
NAS       National Apprenticeship Service
NCFE    Newham College of Further Education
NEET     Not in education, employment or training
NES       National Employer Service
NQF       National Qualifications Framework
NVQ       National Vocational Qualification
PF          Provider factor
PFA       Provider financial assurance
PFR       Provider Funding Report
PICS      Providers' Integrated Client System
PW         Programme weighting
PWF       Programme-weighting factor
QAA       Quality Assurance Agency
QCF       Qualifications and Credit Framework
QIAP      Quality Improvement Action Plan
QUILD    Quality Improvement and Learning Development
RMIS      Registration and Information Services
RPL        Recognition of Prior Learning
SAR       Self Assessment Report
SFL        Skills for Life
SLN        Standard Learner Number
SSB        Sector skills board
SSC       Sector skills council
TC          Technical Certificate
TPS        Training Provider Statement
TtG          Train to Gain
VRQ       Vocationally related programme
WBL       Work-based learning