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CribBlog 4

 Clearing Milton Keynes

13 July 2014

The last move before Sj joins us for the final push North to Calcutt boats and the engine work. Spent a couple of days clearing Milton Keynes and we are now moored at Thrupp. Water Explorer's canal planner now tells me that we are 23 locks and 32 miles [55 lock.miles and approximately 18 hours] away from Calcutt Marina. Few pics as the ones I have are boring and mostly feature the back end of Cribbit moored against a green bank.

The downside of Milton Keynes is the dearth of locks, this makes for fast boating but slow walking back for the car. Striding along the tow path one evening with this intent, my hat was suddenly snatched from my head. Somewhat surprised by this as there was no wind and I don't walk that fast. The reason soon became apparent as there was my hat swinging gently on a branch speared through by a sharp twig.

Flying saucer