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CribBlog November 21 From Avoncliff to my winter moorings at Bath.

I had expected to get down to my winter mooring space in Bath at the beginning of the month but the onset of the rainy season somewhat 'dampened' my ardure for boating. However, I did arrange with Ann and Jim to join me for this last bit and moved Cribbit back to Avoncliff as there is a good carpark at the aqueduct there. Our appointed day for this little jaunt dawned dark and rainy and as the other attraction was lunch at the The Cross Guns pub we decided that this looked like a much better proposition.

The Cross Guns, one I took earlier.

After lunch they left me to carry on on my own.


Moved down to the next road bridge, Bridge 175, Limpley Stoke Bridge expecting to be back in a few days time, it took weeks and even then it was still raining.

Approaching Dundas Aqueduct in the rain, no this is NOT my waterproof camera.

Dark skies over the aqueduct.

Brighter and clearer as we approach Claverton visitor moorings

Moored for the night

Got the stove going and dried off a bit, back in the same spot I had been before at Claverton.

Next day I walked back for the car and then leap frogged it down to Bath, a 2mile and a 4 mile walk all Eastward. Got some strange looks from the few people who had seen me striding across Dundas aqueduct in the morning and then later leaving Bath.

Slightly more successful photography on foot.

Millbrook swing bridge 168. A challenge for the single hander but that I was given a very welcome hand by a boater moored just before it .

This memorial is to be found about halfway between the two aqueducts

It is to Gwilym Huw Watkins 'Bill' and that is all I can find out about him. This was his table.


and that was his propellor.


Over the summer, there have been 'art installations' along this stretch of the cut. Bits of distressed wood and woven willow whithies covereed in plastic tape. Not exactly to my taste. But I had thought that this disassembled bicycle was part of it, and actually, the best bit so I was a bit surprised to see the notice from CRT telling its owner to remove or have it disposed of by them. I notice it is still there.

WP_20151118_13_04_39_Pro.jpg bike.jpg
Still hanging free

Next day I moved down to Bath, decided the cloud hugging the hills summed the boating day out quite well.

Leaving Claverton

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