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cribBlog 2016

cribBlog is meant to complement the handwritten account of Cribbit's travels which we keep on board and rather euphemistically call 'the ship's log'. This has a briefer narrative but includes more photographs than make their way into the paper log.

The number of photographs make for slow loading so I have split the year into a series of shorter posts. Last year the split was by date but I have decided this year to do a post for each continuous trip out. Each episode is linked below.

2015                      r163055.JPG  To cribBlog 2015

January                 bath_155123.JPG  On Winter moorings at Bath

February               111506.JPG  Moving again

March                   20160308_14_30_54_cribbs.jpg  A little detective work

March                   20160308_14_30_54_cribbs.jpg  Getting us into place for our Bristol trip

April                   bristol_0492.JPG  To Bristol. Pt 1, Bath.

April                   bristol_0555.JPG  Bristol. Pt 2, Bristol's floating harbour.

April                   bristol_0553.JPG  Bristol. Pt 3, Around Bristol.

April                   bristol_0597.JPG  Bristol. Pt 4, Back to Bath.

April                   dun_20160424_130921.JPG  Some domestic tasks.

April                   dun_20160424_111131.JPG  Thwarted plans.

May                   easystart.jpg  Even more thwarted plans.

May                   WP_20160519_13_25_43_Pro.jpg  Moving again.

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