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Winter moorings 2016

Winter moorings this year are at the end of the Kennet and Avon canal at Darlington Wharf near Bath.

Also home to the Bath Canal Boat company.

Plan for the year will be to drop down onto the Avon and then continue on into Bristol Harbour. For this little jaunt I shall be enlisting help from Terry and Jim and from some improved weather and a river that is placid and calm and not raging as it is at present.

On winter moorings at Darlington Wharf, Bath

Its a tight fit

I really do mean a tight fit

Jim and Etienne in the Clevedon House tunnel

The hole in the roof is reputed to have been used to pass canal tolls and tickets from the canal offices in Clevedon House above. In fact it was a 'rubbish' shute.

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