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Some domestic tasks.           22 April

Hadn't planned on going far as Cribbs in need of a little TLC and errr more 'routine maintenance'. Quite an interesting logistics problem to move car and boat in such a way as to optimise access to The Bell and avoid the pub desert around Dundas Wharf. [No wonder I like The Bell, went to the bar for a pint of Otter which was duly delivered, 'hmmmm that won't do', said the guy next to me, 'You tell her to top that up, I'm a shareholder here and I expect our customers to get what they pay for'. Novice barmaid soon appraised of her beer pulling responsibilities.

Managed the two swing bridges very well by being in the middle of a convoy of hire boats heading back for change-over-day so sailed through with ease.

At Dundas Warf, attached the water hose to fill the water tank and then went to deal with the bog. When Jim and I were out with tw earlier he told us how his friends always refer to this as 'Emptying the Nelson'. Now this euphemism was a bit of a mystery to Jim and I, until tw explained that none of them had ever heard of an Elsan so reverted to something that they had heard of [well maybe], Lord Nelson.

Moored for the facilities at Dundas wharf.

I should mention here that on our last day in Bath, Terry couldn't find his phone and that I was fairly convinced that my post Bristol 'deep clean' would most likely produce it from some dark corner.

What followed is best described by quoting from our email conversation:

First from me to Terry:

From: cleadbeater@netscape.net
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 12:22 PM
To: terry; jim

Subject: filial congruency

Just stopped at Dundas wharf for water and to empty the bog.
The latter took more effort than usual. . . Put it down to effluent from three old men but by the fifth rinse realised it was rattling too.

Reached in to retrieve terry's phone.

It's drying out nicely now, though it retains a certain ambiance. I expect that the sim is still ok if you want it terry

Now to make T's reply more understandable, we need to look back to about a year ago, when Margarert, Terry and I went see the Spring [Beltain] snowdrops and invited Terry's brother Mike to join us. T had said to Mike that we would meet at noon at the venue, but not to worry if there was a problem 'as we all have our mobile phones'.

Well, come high noon, no Mike!

But not to worry 'We have our mobile phones', but that Mike's was repeatedly giving the message that 'We are unable to connect to this phone at the moment, but please try again later.'

Of course, this got us to wondering just what we did before mobile phones and I think that this would make quite a nice post in 'Mouldy Oldies' so I'll make that a little project.

But back to the present, Mike was very circumspect as to why he had not phoned us [coy even] but a few days later T managed to extract the admission from him that he had no phone because he had dropped it in the loo that morning!

Needless to say, T regarded this as the height of impossibility and incompetance!!!

From: terry
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 21:56 PM
To: chris
Subject: filial congruency
O the mortification! The shame! I shall never again laugh at stupid olds f***s who drop their phones down the loo! Ha ha ha!!
(I will tell Mike; it will make him laugh).
Talk about a “bog standard” Nokia!
Re: filial congruency
terry to you

Since phones like mine are commonly known as "bricks", does what you have just discovered constitute "S******g a brick"?!
PS Sorry you have been bothered. I have replaced so please dispose of (but not in the Loo!)
From: cleadbeater@netscape.net
Sent: Thursday, April 23,
To: terry; jim
Subject: filial congruency
Only just got to this post. Sorry I said almost the same thing to you on the phone.
Talk about congruence.
Will subject your old brick to my new lump hammer tomorrow

It proved to be surprisingly difficult to smash Terry's 'brick'.

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