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Cribblog 2019

   New Boating Year 2019.

Had expected to find Cribbit on the hard when I got down to Aldermaston but it was very quickly apparent that she was not there so then scanned the moorings and found her well hidden among the hire craft and looking good!!! Noticed straight away that the yard had drilled the hole for my [yet to be pattented] Kennet and Avon mooring plank pivot hole. Climbed on board and noted that the water filler and vent had been fitted and further investigation revealed a rusty engine, well I had requested a steam clean, and a bilge full of clean water [an unknown phenomena on Cribbit]

Caught up with Dave and had an update on how my boat had been oscillating betwixt the hard and the liquid as they searched for leaks, which they seem to be on top of now after [yet] more welding by Tom along the swim seam ... looks like all is well now though.

Don't dare to make a complete snagging list just yet as there would be far too many items on it but quite enough to do without a complete list whenever I can get myself back down there. At least to-day it wasn't freezing and the forcast ahead is for spring like weather so no excuses.

found her well hidden among the hire craft

yet to be pattented gangplank pivot

noted that the water filler and vent had been fitted

well hidden among the hire craft

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