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Cribblog 2019     Cribblog 6

   10 December 2019. Phase 1: Destruction.

Decided that I would put up this cribblog post under the guise of Number 6 with the intention of doing posts 4 and 5 out of sequence but soon so spaces have been reserved for them.

We are now safely on our permanent moorings at Cropredy and liking it there very much. Its also close to home [about 4 miles away by car] so no excuse for not getting on with the remedial and improvement works that are planned. This post will be the first of the refurbishment posts and this one details the first [destructive] phase of the operation.
The plan is to replace the old shower tray and enclosure with a bigger one, clean the bilges and paint them, put back the concrete ballast and lower and replace the floor.

As usual with little DIY projects, the full size of the elephant is not immediately revealed, I had hoped to retain the side walls of the shower unit but once their decaying bottoms were revealed decided it would be easier to start again from scratch. An advantage of this would be that the new wall could be made a little thinner and save a little of the space that the new larger shower tray would take up.

3686.JPG 3688.JPG
Side wall gone and the original shower tray from when I bought Cribbit in 1993 removed.

We used to stand on duck boards in this.

Rust and mill scale


Take up more floorboards.



3697.JPG 3698.JPG
Bagged up the rubbish, mostly rust and mill scale.

3718.JPG 3721.JPG
Not much left of the bottom of the back panel ... its going to have to go but there is now rather too much 'open plan'.

Remove the cladding on the top.

All the ballast removed and bilges cleaned up.


Removed the last of the cladding

Now ready to start the process of reconstruction but lots of [enjoyable] distractions to come before there will be much to be seen.

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