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Cribblog 2019     Cribblog 7

   20 December 2019. Phase 2: Re-construction.

Have finally started putting it back together again. First jobs being to go round the bilges with ♉Hammerite paint then re-pack the ballast.

The bowl is to collect rainwater leaking from a minute hole in the roof..


Ballast well packed so that it cant move.


Under the shower tray

In my previous post I said something like 'safe at my moorings at Cropredy' now I'm not so sure ... the water has been rising all day, when I arrived it was just lapping the top of the Armco, when I left it was well over and the tow path impassable without wellies or wet feet [delete as appropriate].

Loosened all the warps and re-tied the rope on the big fender, it won't go any lower, the rest are high and dry but used to be, effective. Will head out tomorrow with wellies and planks to keep us off the towpath, can't use my famous gangplanks as they will obstruct the towpath and may not cope with the 'tidal' range anyway. I'm off to Cape Town next week so hope I can rig up something tomorrow to keep cribbs safe while I am away.

Pleased that the water tank is nearly empty, which keeps the bow up and the stern down, but still there is not much underwater at either end to stop her drifting onto the towpath if it gets much deeper.



   21 December 2019. Flooding.

Went back the next day to check that all was well and found that the water was even further up so fixed a plank at the stern to try to keep her off the bank and re-tied the stern warp to the outside pin and did away with the spring line ... hope this will do the trick! Driving home I wondered why I hadn't fixed the plank to the armco so will try this when I go back tomorrow.

Water over the footpath near to the sports field.

Water meadows doing their job.

River cherwell running high.


Looking upstream, the kayak club xmas regatta ... horned monster on the bridge.

Towpath downstream.

Plank to stop the swim floating over the towpath.


Needed the stool to climb aboard.

   22 December 2019. Flooding.

The water has gone down quite a bit since yesterday though the fenders are still hanging free. Put in train my drive home plan and have now fixed planks into the armco to hold her off should the water come up again. Probably quite likely I would think.

Bits of old cladding extending the bank height.

Did the same in the bow as well.

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