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 Little Old Man Weekly


 Little Old Man Weekly

 In the year 2019

13 December 2019  A guest post that neatly fits into the theme started in the previous post.

The Younger Little Old Man in Cape Town has sent us this pic which purports to solve the problem of how to stop the toilet door from banging when the automatic door closer falls off.

Apparently, you use its dead body to simply prop the door open!

  Use its dead body to simply prop the door open!

14 January 2019  Should the Little Old Man really be allowed out on his own?

The Little Old Man is just back from a day trip to Birmingham to see the tTs and friends. This meant a return trip by train which was straightforward. On the way back however, the Little Old Man got a little bemused. He had to change trains at New Street and had a short wait for his connecting train. While waiting he mused upon an aphorism given to him by his cousin many years ago:

Make the most of every opportunity to take a pee.
Be suspicious of every fart.
Make use of every erection.

So he decided to go in search of the toilets for a not quite needed pee. Now the Little Old Man has never been very good at sorting out symbols but he saw what he thought was an encouraging sign and headed for it. To his surprise the stainless steel and glass cubical was completely lacking in what is termed sanitary ware. What's more the doors closed and the whole room rose to the level he had just come from. [Bit like Chauncy Gardener in 'Being there' ]. He was a bit relieved to find he wasn't the only one to be so taken in as he found he was sharing the lift with two Chinese girls, one of whom proceded to comb her hair using the reflection in the shiny walls as a mirror.

Anyway when he got out he saw a friendly sign directing him to the toilets which for one horrible moment he thought was going to be back to the lift he had just left.



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