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Catslide parties

Party 2006 Party 2007 Party 2008 Party 2009 Wedding 2010 Party 2011 Party 2012 Party 2013


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 Catslide Parties

 Party 2006

We held our first Catslide party in August  2006, we hadn't actually moved in although we had had the keys for 6 weeks. We were still in the throws of DIY and had no furniture. This gave plenty of space but things to sit on had to be improvised from two old saw horses and rough planks.

Our lack of 21 Century comforts provided an authentic ambiance for our fancy dress theme which was 'Medieval'.


Our medieval cottage and horseless carriage

        Party 2007

In August  2007, our theme was the 50 and 60s. This was inspired by finding a contempory photo of Rosemary looking a bit sultry and leaning on her sports car.


Rosemary in 1972

        Party 2008

In  2008 We decided just to party, without a theme, as we didn't want to put people off coming by having to get dressed up.


Games, skipping and juggling kept us entertained

        Party 2009

In 2009, we were back to fancy dress with the suggestion to come dressed as a character from a book or cartoon.


We went as Noddy and Big Ears

        Party 2010

We did not have a summer party in 2010, as we had our wedding reception instead. Some tried to use this event to find out the theme for 2011!

noddy and big ears

Noddy and Big Ears marry at Oxford registry office

The theme for the  2011 party was 'My hero'. I came as Friar Tuck who was my hero because he is fat and drinks a lot of beer. Rosemary came as Robin Hood as she believed that he bossed Friar Tuck around.


Robin Hood and Friar Tuck