Poplar to Brentford
Poplar to Brentford

I started this section with a bit of a moan about my walking shoes. This was because my walking notebook ends with a section about all the kit I used on the journey. The only vaguely interesting bit was the bit about the shoes so I put that in but not the rest so it is a bit unbalanced. I may still reprieve this.


I am still struggling with the maps. I used the OS maps for the actual walk, and they were very good. Now I'm back I've been trying to find something to illustrate the walk without overwhelming detail in London and underwhelming detail elsewhere. I've made the maps I'm using based on Google's map data which I have subverted to my needs.

I'm still not very pleased with them.

The convention I have tried to use is:

Red - Places mentioned in the text
Blue - Prominant features
Orange - Non motorway roads and tracks
Yellow - Railway lines
Purple - my path through it all


I bought walking shoes especially for this trip, I wanted something that was light but gave me a little more support than trainers and was a little more smart than my beaten up climbing boots. I also wanted, and was prepared to pay extra for, shoes with rubber soles and these had Vibram soles.
I have to say that the shoes were by far the worst piece of kit I had.
The soles were actually more slippery in the wet on metal [and concrete] than my trainers were. The trainers had been consigned to the bin after I fell off Cribbit while walking the gunwale which had just a few drops of water on it.
The other problem with them was that I cold feel every rock through them, Ok on concrete but not so good elsewhere.
They were North Face and I bought them from Black's. I think I suffered from Black's move towards designer wear instead of proper kit. It won't be long before they go out of business.
When I got back I decided to test the shoes grip on different surfaces and compare with my other bits of footwear. The rig I used is below.
The walking shoes had less grip than even my 'city' shoes!
So I converted them into a pair of bird nesting boxes, but as no birds were interested in them either I have now reprieved them as low altitude DIY footwear.

What's next

Watch this space!!!! But one of the best holidays I ever had was spent walking Hadrians wall.