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About this website

To be found here

This option provides some detail about the website and how it works.
It has specific information about:
Cookies Handheld option Homepage image bar Contact information It concludes with a section giving an overview of the organisation, logic and conventions used in the website. With clickable links to its whole tree structure.

How this website works

This is an overview of the organisation, logic and conventions used in this website.


The Homepage gives access to the whole of the rest of the website. Its links are repeated as the right hand bar on all the other pages. At the moment, content is structured under four headings, Topics, Interactive, System and Updates.

In Topics are links to the items in its various categories. At one time, these were all accessible directly from the homepage but as the content and diversity has increased, I have split them into smaller files that load quicker at the cost of an extra mouse click.

Links from the Interactive group vector directly to their content pages or to external websites.

Links from the System group go to items relating to the website itself.

Links from the Updates column go straight to the updated content. 'New' links from the other columns go to the generic page containing the updated material. If you use these, you will have to find the one that has been updated yourself!

Colours are not chosen to make the site look frantic but are used to colour code content. The colour of links in text is determined by their destination. External links are marked with the external link colour, and internal links with their topic colour.


News from my allotment, usually updated monthly with at least three photographs taken from the same place each time. Sometimes with additional seasonal content. Links to previous years and aphorisms, mostly about gardening.
Mostly about trips on board my narrow boat Cribbit for which the site is named. This also includes accounts of sj's visits , as they nearly always include some time on board Cribbit. There is also a section, Boatnotes which is intended as a reference for people who borrow her, and a cut down version of the boat log, criBlog.
Catslide is the name of our cottage, and this option is about it and our activities there. The pages are still being developed.
I've always been interested in compuing and this page is about my attempts to learn html and some earlier experiences of computer programming.
Cooking on Cribbit
The topic that started off this whole project, a collection of recipes that got too big for its container. Links to the whole cookbook.
Siblings, children, grandchildren, parties and visits from sj.
Mouldy Oldies
Some oddities of a vaguely historical nature.
Natural Philosophy
Physics and science.
Recipe list
Alphabetical list of all the recipes in the cookbook.
Accounts of several walks, long and short. Usually including beer.


Rapid transit traveller extrodinaire.
Ant and Kate's cycle trip
Ant and Kate [Rosemary's daughter] are cycling round the world. This is their blog.
Alex's blog, Mutterings
My sister Alex's blog.
On-line version of narrow boat Cribbit's log.
Has to be seen to be believed but all, and more than, you ever wanted to know about gnomes. What tw does to remain sane.
Jason Lee-Dear
Nephew Jason's webpages. Catch him here, as he is, before he becomes a made-over megastar.
Little Old Man Weekly
A fictitious publication celebrating the joys of becoming old.
A fairly regular update of things that happen around me.


About this website
This option, a breakdown of the whole website as a clickable list. This is in the process of being re-vamped since I converted all files to .asp.
Contact me My e-mail address. I would be very pleased to hear from you especially with feedback about the website or its content.
Development history A messy collection of comments and links mostly for my information. A diary of what I have been doing on the website. Includes rudimentary site statistics.
Your chance to get your own back, write your comments here.
Site statistics Site statistics gathered and presented by an external statistics provider, Statcounter. Lots of detail and analysis starting from April 2012.
Updated this year
A scrollable collection of all the monthly updates in the current calendar year.
Handheld option

Complete site structure

This is a slightly simplified, hierachical, set of all navigation bars. As of 10 April 2012. I take the view that you can't have too much navigation on a website even at the cost of duplication. What follows is the full tree structure but with duplicated branches omitted.



Allotment          Allotment home
Boating          cribBlog 2012
                 CribBlog 2011
                 CribBlog 2009
                 Cribbit's first log book
         Boat Notes
         Sj visits
                  Sj account of 2010
                  Sj account of 2009
                  Sj account of 2008
                  Sj account of 2007
Catslide          Donkey shed
                  Party 2006
                  Party 2007
                  Party 2008
                  Party 2009
                  Wedding 2010
                  Party 2011
Computing          html resources
Cooking on Cribbit          Recipe list
         Bread and Pastry
         Visitor contributions
Family          Alex & Peter
                 Alex's website
                 Peter's website
                 Alex's blog, Mutterings
         Ben and Becky
                 Maya Week one
                 Maya Month one
                 Maya Year one
                 Maya Year two
                 Maya Year three
                 Janey Week one
                 Janey Month one
                 Ben and Becky 2011
                  Party 2006
                  Party 2007
                  Party 2008
                  Party 2009
                  Wedding 2010
                  Party 2011
         Sj visits
                  Sj account of 2010
                 Sj account of 2009
                 Sj account of 2008
                 Sj account of 2007
Mouldy Oldies          Aphorisms
         Little Old Man Weekly
         Miss Fowles
         Why my name is Apricot
Natural Philosophy
Recipe list
Walking          Walking home
                 Day one
                 Day two
                 Day three
                 Day four
                 Post script
         The Shard
         Short walks


        New York
Ant and Kate's cycle trip
Alex's blog, Mutterings
Little Old Man Weekly          Issue 24 Jake the peg
         Issue 23 Tool rack
         Issue 22 GNOME
         Issue 21 Ventilation
         Issue 20 Rocket man
         Issue 19 Saw
         Issue 18 LOW
         Issue 17 Fowler
         Issue 16 Protector
         Issue 15 Washing
         Issue 14 Bouser 2
         Issue 13 Bouser
         Issue 12 More beer
         Issue 11 Red Stripe
         Issue 10 Calendar
         Issue 9 Handy handles
         Issue 8 Car wash
         Issue 7 Muddy boots
         Issue 6 webcam
         Issue 5 letter of complaint
         Issue 4 strawberry frame
         Issue 3 seed trays
         Issue 2 knife
         Issue 1 wine box
         theBloG           theBloG 2012
                  January 12
                  February 12
                  March 12
          theBloG 2011
                  January 11
                  February 11
                  March 2011
                  April 2011
                  May 2011
                  June 2011
                  October 2011
                  November 2011
                  December 2011
          theBloG 2010


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About the image bar

The image bar is populated every time the homepage is refreshed. It has four portrait and four landscape oriented pics. To speed up loading time, all the bar images have been reduced in size from the originals.

The images displayed are chosen at random from a directory of pics taken from somewhere on the website. Associated with each image is a link to the page it has been taken from. Clicking an image will take you to this page and somewhere on it will be found the original.

As the selection of images is random, sometimes you will find the same image repeated in the bar. This is more likely to happen with portrait oriented images as there are fewer of this orientation on the website. I try to take landscape oriented pics for the website as I think that this orientation fits better onto a standard computer screen.

About the handheld option

This option does away with the righthand sidebar and increases the size of the page content. This should be better for people using small screens. Selecting the Toggle handheld link toggles between modes and returns you to the home page. The option makes use of a cookie to tell your web browser which method to use. Once selected, the website operates in handheld mode until your session ends, by leaving the website, or the option is selected again.

Pages with their own righthand navigation bars, Jason, Adham, my walk home and the home page, are not affected by the handheld option.

User feedback on this option would be much appreciated as I only have a Kindle to test it on.

About cookies

This note is in the spirit of providing compliance with EU law on the use of cookies. At the moment, this site makes use of cookies in the site statistics and guestbook sections and in the handheld toggle option. Both the statistics and guestbook options are provided by third parties and use information supplied by your web browser to determine, for example, the origin, frequency and length of visits. The guestbook has anti-spam procedures which makes use of cookies to prove that you are not a robot and ask for your e-mail address. Information gathered expires at the end of your session.

You can use Statcounter to view the statistical analysis of visitors to the website and see what is being gathered by following this link:
Site statistics. I especially like the 'recent visitor map' page. No personal information is being gathered or stored.

You can view statcounter's cookie policy and details of the cookies it uses by following this link

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